profilI was born, brought up and educated in Japan. I also lived in several countries, such as United States (New York and Boston), Philippines and Czech Republic.

I was graduated from Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) and have been engaged in international trading business, which assigned me to above-stated countries.

Since I was a teenager, I read many books on culture, history and tradition of Japan as well as other countries. I have accumulated experiences to exchange the ideas about cultural difference with the people in overseas. And I found that the language is a key factor to connect people with different cultures, and it would create a chance to change your future with successful result.

It would be my great pleasure if I could be helpful for you in broadening your experience with new stimulation.

I have 7 years experience of teaching Japanese culture and language mainly in individual lesson (in person as well as via skype).

Either the students are “beginner” or “advanced”,  I respect the individual preference or goal of their own. So I use the materials which I chose in the beginning, then change it to others depending upon the learning development and the needs of each student.

I encourage the student to organize his/her idea and thought , then express it in written and verbally,  so that learning Japanese is really useful in actual situations as well as further deeper articulation in professional level of thoughts.

I can provide the students with various materials, based upon my long time business experiences.  I would be happy to share my experiences with students as much as possible.

I normally give the students the minimum skill and knowledge and encourage them to compose sentences of what they want to express.  Then the students would know what else they need to learn.   More effort to learn from what you would like to say rather than learning from what the other person wrote.

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